Do You Know The Construction Machinery And Equipment, When Do You Need Major Repairs?

- Sep 07, 2018 -

In large warehouses, the use of forklifts, stackers and other equipment to transport goods is very frequent, which will inevitably collide with the shelves in the warehouse. In particular, some of the less experienced forklift drivers have limited operation or damage to the fences, ox legs and pallets. A few points to note, hope to reduce the chance of the forklift colliding with the shelf.

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1. In the early stage of warehouse planning, the shelf designer can appropriately increase the width of the shelf channel according to the actual situation of the warehouse owner, and reserve some safety distance for the driver in advance, which can effectively reduce the collision of the forklift on the beef leg.

     2. Choose an experienced forklift driver and conduct regular training. On the one hand, before the forklift driver enters the job, strengthen pre-job training and improve the driver's safety awareness. On the other hand, after the driver enters the post, he must strengthen the assessment of the forklift driver.

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3. Add protective sleeves, such as installing a tines on the forklift, or adding protective sleeves on the legs and guardrails. However, although this method can reduce the damage of the forklift to the shelf, it provides a good opportunity for some drivers with poor technical level, and it is difficult to judge the driver's operation level.

4. Draw a visual deceleration line on the channel ground instead of the deceleration sign. In many cases, experienced drivers have a faster driving speed. There is a certain distance between the measurement gap and the actual gap in the visual direction. Therefore, the simple deceleration flag may not be very effective.

     In short, in order to reduce the collision between the forklift and the shelf, not only must the professional shelf plan given by the professional shelf manufacturer be selected, but also the warehouse staff should pay more attention and care, and constantly improve their professional skills.

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