Do You Know What Harm Car Air Conditioners Will Cause If They Are Not Cleaned For A Long Time?

- Jun 14, 2018 -


Normally, automotive air conditioners need to be cleaned once a year. If it is too much trouble, we suggest that you go to a professional repair shop to clean it.

First, do you know how much harm air conditioning does not clean?

About health

Many car owners keep the interior and exterior of the car clean, but they ignore the car's dirtiest place, which is the air-conditioning system. Once dirty, it will seriously endanger our health.

In the operation of automobile air conditioners, 80% of the tiny dust and bacteria in the air enter the air conditioner through the filter, and they become stuck on the evaporator after adhering to the condensed water, affecting the cooling and heat dissipation of the air conditioner.

Because the moist environment and the dust on the surface provide a hotbed for the breeding of mold and fungus, it produces object rot odor, and it will pollute the interior of the whole compartment as the air conditioner is turned on, and it will be absorbed into the human body, which will lead to “automobile air conditioning disease”.

They can cause headaches, fever, sudden pharyngitis, tonsil infections, asthma, flu symptoms, dermatitis, and difficult wound healing.


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