Hot In The Three Volts Put Your Seat In Summer!

- May 31, 2018 -

"Cold in the 39s, the heat is in the volt." People often say that "Sanfutianer" is coming. Many riders have replaced their seats with “summer clothes.” However, in the selection of cool cushions, is your choice more reasonable and scientific?

In the choice of cool mat, no matter what material you choose, one of the first conditions to be met is to not affect the driver's normal driving: when buying, you must pay attention to whether the cool pad has enough friction to prevent the body from sliding. Normal driving operation. At the same time, the cooler pad should be firmly fixed to the seat. If the seat cushion is active, the inertia of the body can easily slip off the seat when the situation requires emergency braking. After satisfying the above two points, let's take a look at what kind of material the car cooler mat has and what is the difference between each material.

This kind of cool pad made of pure natural materials has strong decorative and comfortable features, and the flax fiber has the characteristics of strong pulling force, softness, good fineness, weak conductivity, fast water absorption, large swelling rate, etc. The actual temperature of the human body is 3 to 4 degrees Celsius lower than other fibers. In the purchase should pay attention to buy linen car seats should ask about the linen content, do not blindly choose low-cost products.

Note: The actual temperature is also known as the effective temperature. The temperature that makes people feel comfortable under the conditions of static saturated atmosphere (zero wind speed, relative humidity 100%) to represent different wind speeds, relative humidity, and temperature, so that people can feel the same comfortable temperature.

The so-called "ice silk" is a knitwear fabric, also called rayon. In several mainstream fibers, the moisture content of ice silk most meets the physiological requirements of human skin, with smooth and cool, breathable, anti-static, colorful and other characteristics.

Vescas, also known as VISCOSE fiber, is a new type of environmentally-friendly fiber imported from abroad over the past few years. First of all, it is a kind of fiber that has hygroscopic, breathable and fast draining function. The principle is to use the fine hollow surface of the fiber surface to instantly discharge moisture and sweat, making people feel cool and cool. Moreover, its durability surpasses most man-made fibers and even natural fibers on the market. After being spun into yarns and woven fabrics, its fiber properties can still be maintained. Therefore, the lifespan of Vicats Cool Pad is much longer than that of other products, and it is also very convenient for routine maintenance.

Rattan cooler pad is made of specially processed paper leather. Soft paper leather will not be as hot as jade or mahjong bamboo even under sun exposure. The middle layer is a good air troposphere and is effective between body and seat. Insulation. The rattan cooler pad is cheaper and is suitable for middle class use, but it is cumbersome to clean and maintain, and its service life is short.

Weaving cool pads perform well in non-slip and are relatively affordable. The heat insulation and service life of the cool mat are often considered by the consumers. The above four cool pads, the cool pad of linen material, although the price range is very large, but its cost performance is still good; paper rattan cool pad There are drawbacks in terms of cleaning and corrosion protection, and the air permeability is not good; the prices of vicats and ice silk cool pads are relatively expensive, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the authenticity from the fake ones. Therefore, in the above four cool pads, the author's point of view is more biased towards the cool pad of linen material.

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