How Can I Properly Maintain The Car Interior? Car Interior Maintenance Skills (2)

- Aug 30, 2018 -

When caring for the interior of the car, many owners still have some misunderstandings and ignorance. Below we will summarize some different cleaning methods for different car interiors.

1, special materials inside the car

In order to make the interior more beautiful and comfortable, Hyundai Motor uses a large number of composite materials, many of which are vinyl plastic fibers. For the cleaning of these special materials, car owners should also pay attention to it.

For special materials, spray the cleaner directly on them, then wipe them with a rag. Finally, don't forget to spray a layer of vinyl plastic rubber protector to prevent premature aging, brittleness and hardening.

For leather interior parts of medium and high-end cars, regular cleaning and maintenance should be adhered to so that they are not dry and aging and cracked and damaged. When cleaning leather, special cleaning agent should be used. It should be cleaned on the rag. After finishing, it is best to use natural drying. Finally, spray special leather wax and polish it with a dry cloth. As long as the electric patrol car is properly maintained, leather accessories can be used almost permanently.


2, car mahogany interior maintenance

(1) Daily maintenance:

After the car has newly installed the mahogany interior, it is best to wipe it with a soft damp cloth every day to wipe off the dust adhering to it and keep the normal luster of the mahogany. In wiping, do not wipe directly with a hard and dry cloth, or use an acidic or alkaline cleaning agent, which will damage the glaze on the mahogany.

(2) How to maintain gloss after aging:

The mahogany interior also has a certain life span, especially after a period of use, the glaze on the surface will gradually wear out after the glaze on the surface. The term “matt” is normal. When this happens and your mahogany interior is still intact and does not need to be replaced, you can take the following measures to restore its luster: when waxing the car, you can make a little wax on the mahogany interior, then use soft The wet cloth is quickly wiped on it, because the matte interior is dull and dull because the gloss of the glaze is reduced, and the purpose of car waxing is to re-glow the glaze. When wiping, remember Wipe faster, preferably in one direction.

When there is nothing to do with waxing, it means that the glaze on the mahogany interior of your car has been worn out. The best way is to re-spray after polishing, but obviously, polishing often damages. Mahogany interior.


3. Other interiors

For the steering wheel and transmission in the car, brakes and other parts, you can use a small toothbrush or a rag with the interior cleaner liquid to clean it. Finally, it is best to spray the glass coating on the windshield to prevent rain or snow or winter driving. The window is foggy.

4, the seat

The seat portion of a typical vehicle occupies most of the interior of the vehicle and is one of the most in contact with the owner. When the seat is not very dirty, it is recommended to use a long-haired brush and a suction vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt out with a vacuum cleaner while brushing the seat surface. For particularly dirty seats, it takes a few steps to clean thoroughly. First, use a brush to clean dirty parts, such as large stains, garbage, stains, dirt, etc. Then wipe the seat surface thoroughly with a clean rag and a small amount of neutral detergent. It is important to note that the rag must be wrung out to prevent excess moisture from penetrating into the sponge, causing the seat to be wet, uncomfortable during riding and more susceptible to dust contamination. After wiping the surface of the seat, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the seat to absorb any dirt left on the surface. At the same time, it can absorb excess water and dry the seat as soon as possible.

High-end cars use leather seats, which are comfortable and noble, and have a long service life. The leather is a natural thing, and it should not be underestimated. Ordinary chemical cleaning agents should not be used casually. Alkaline cleaning agents should be used, such as soapy water. After washing, wipe them with cotton paper towels. Daily maintenance, in addition to avoid sharp sharp scratches, but also pay attention to dust and sun protection. Because the dust is pervasive, the leather's natural grease will be sucked away, causing the leather to dry; the sun will age the human skin, which is also true for leather seats. Another expert opinion is that it is best not to use “protective agents” for leather. These substances will make the leather “addictive” and must be used frequently. Otherwise, the leather will have a dull, no vitality, and the key is the “protective agent” for leather. Not much benefit.

For fabric fabric seats, it is relatively simple to handle. It is recommended that the new electric patrol car be maintained and cleaned when it is bought back, and it must be dried immediately so that there is no water mark inside. Usually use professional cleaning agent to clean and protect. If you accidentally drop colored liquid such as juice or coffee, it is recommended that you wash it off in time to keep the car clean and tidy.

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