How Long Is The Life Of The Auditorium Chair?

- Sep 20, 2018 -

The auditorium chair is a product imported from abroad. It has been developed in China for more than ten years. The previous name of the auditorium chair is the lecture hall seat. Its main composition is divided into two parts.

auditorium chair.jpg

First, foaming sponge:

Our domestic soft body seats are all made of cut-form sponges. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of sponge is that it will lose its original elasticity after a long time of use. The biggest feature of foam sponges is the one-piece foam molding, in the auditorium. Chairs and conference room lecture halls are the most widely used.

Second, the material: Most of the domestic auditorium chairs are cold-rolled steel with a thickness of about 2.0. At present, the first batch of auditorium seats in China are basically used for about fifteen years. From the perspective of the life of the products, Basically, the reimbursement period has expired, so the maximum service life of the auditorium seats is between 13-15 years. However, in terms of poor maintenance and wear, the life of the auditorium chair is generally best maintained at 5-7 years.

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