How To Adjust The Seat Of The Cinema?

- Jun 23, 2018 -

The biggest improvement in the theater seats was the introduction of the design method for the stadium seats. The ground of a traditional movie theater is a slope of about 15 degrees. Each row of seats is approximately 15 to 20 cm taller than the previous row of seats. But people sitting in the front row can easily block some or all of your sight. The seats of large open-air stadiums are placed on the first-class steps, not on the slopes. This design allows each row of seats to be 30 to 38 cm taller than the previous row. This means that even if the movie theater seat is full, the sight of each seat will not be blocked!

The seats in the cinema are highly comfortable. A backrest sponge suitable for the shape of the human body is used to allow the entire back of the human body to be more tolerant and is most suitable for the needs of the human sitting position. Effectively relieve stress and feel comfortable.

There is a button on the right hand side, which can be adjusted forward and backward. The tilt of the seat can also be adjusted by using the electric button to adjust the posture of the seat according to the needs of the human body. This ensures that we can completely relax and comfortable under various conditions. You can completely use the sofa chair as a sloping sofa bed, and leaning on the backrest to watch the movie is simply fun!


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