How To Classify The Material On The Passenger Seat Of A Car?

- Sep 05, 2018 -

Material classification on the car seat

▲BMW Merino

BMW has two other leathers. Dakota leather is relatively more resilient, durable and has a better friction performance and can be selected on a variety of BMW models. Another Merino leather upholstery, including a variety of color options, this leather touch texture is more high-end.

In Audi, the leather is prefixed, specifically Feinnappa and Seidennappa. "Fein" is actually the German word for Fine in English, and even the pronunciation is almost the same; "Seide" stands for silk. These two prefixed Nappa are also two different processing techniques. The former is a shaving leather and the latter is a grain leather, which is the difference between the material of the second layer and the top layer.

Audi is on the flagship A8, using Valonea leather. It also represents a process that is said to use a natural plant fruit called Valonea oak, which is made from the finest cortical enamel to maximize the texture of the cortex and avoid the harmful effects of heavy metals such as chemical tinctures. The residue of the substance, but also the natural aroma of the plant.


▲Audi A8 Valonea

Whether it's Nappa, Vienna, or Valonea, Dakota, these names don't really mean more advanced materials, just the different names that manufacturers use in publicity. Just like the dual-clutch transmission, the scientific name is DCT, Volkswagen calls its own name DSG, Porsche called PDK, Ford called Powershift; variable timing valve, Honda called VTEC, Toyota's VVT-i, Nissan's name is CVVT, Mitsubishi is called MIVEC... Maybe different manufacturers do have technical advantages, but it is not just a name that can be separated from high school and low-end.

Real high-end goods - aniline

So, can you know that it is a high-end item if you look at the name in the leather seat?

Have! This is Aniline.


▲Maybach S grade semi-aniline skin

Compared with the fascinating friends in front, aniline looks like a simple chemical raw material. In fact, although its name is very chemical, it is basically a vegetable tannin, but it uses a aniline effect as a process of tanning. It must first use a better cortex, and then it is a very light and gentle traditional manual processing, the dyeing is also relatively simple, generally light color, to maximize the original texture of the cortex.

The aniline is also divided into semi-aniline skin and full aniline skin. The former is used in Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Range Rover, Lexus LS, Maybach S-class models, and the price threshold is about one million; and the most luxurious luxury Rolls On Les and Bentley, a more perfect all-aniline skin is used.

▲Rolls Royce

Cars are also different from luxury goods. The leather seats on the car are in a very harsh environment: up to a few hundred pounds of fat man's ass, down to the children's feet, plus temperature, sunlight... they are resistant to wear, temperature, and resistance. Dry and wet, light-resistant and other indicators are particularly strict, and the soft and comfortable top calfskin is extremely delicate and delicate, while satisfying the luxury comfort and durability, and even environmental performance, the requirements of materials and crafts, even more than luxury goods. Leather goods are still high.

The last thing to mention is Alcantara, which is actually an artificial composite that is not dermis at all. It is durable, slip resistant, resistant to dirt and fire, and has been cleaned and maintained. Some manufacturers choose to use Nappa leather in the part where the seat is in contact with the human body, and the side, back and other positions are matched with Alcantara, which is a cost-effective and practical approach.


Everyone knows that Nappa is also divided into high, medium and low. For the metaphysics of leather seats, it is difficult to see the name. What is the use of fire to smell the smell, cut the structure with a knife, of course, is not reliable.

The easiest way to distinguish is to look at the price. Rolls-Royce can't use artificial leather for his car. For the little money, he has a hundred-year signboard. Wuling will not use the Swiss Mavericks for Hongguang S anyway. The aniline skin, the price of the car is only 40,000, how much is it going to be spent on the seat?

As for the sales of the car, the sales of the gimmicks, we will keep a calm smile...

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