How To Improve The Quality Of The Auditorium Chairs And Cinema Chairs In The Future?

- Aug 18, 2018 -

1. Established a sound management system, in which the theater chair/auditorium chair has ISO9000, ISO14025, FSCC and other certification standards, ensuring that each process is under control from the process.

2. Increase development efforts, understand customer needs from the source, develop product auditorium seats and cinema seats that meet customer needs, and do a design review, combined with production processes, to make production simpler and reduce quality control work from a design perspective. the amount.

3. Introduce advanced manufacturing equipment, such as robotic welding and continuous stamping machine tools, to speed up the automation of production and reduce human error.

4. Established and improved the quality inspection department. Through the incoming inspection, the first inspection of the process, the inspection of the process, the inspection of the finished product, and the professional product performance testing center to ensure that the product is controlled in the controlled process, and truly participate in the whole process.

5, in line with the needs of high-end users also need to rely on product diversification to approach customer psychology, our R & D team provides a strong guarantee for the diversification of our products, can be adjusted according to customer needs.

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