How To Install Car Seat Coveres?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Bonwell tells you how to install the car seat cover before the back:

1. first remove the headrest (usually press the head on the activity bolt);

2. the back cover (see the right and left sides and positive and negative sides) well; left and right to see whether the back pocket bag is in the middle, if it is on the side of the door, then it shows that the reverse.

3. the back of the back cover from the joint with the seat plug to the back of the back, with the back of the back of the cover set at the bottom of the adhesive tape with a little force, close and more will be more docile and look good.

4. Then insert the headgear and insert it into the backrest.

5. the back of the set of flat finishing, the back seat on the car seat is completed


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