How To Install The Loader Seats?

- Oct 16, 2018 -

When the loader is driving and working under poor road conditions, the reliability and comfort of the seat are relatively high. In order to avoid the strength of the seat being too high, the height of the seat provided by the seat manufacturer is generally 260 ~ 300mm. Ergonomics believes that the height of the seat is 400 ~ 490mm, so you need to install a suitable base under the seat. The base can be used with heaters and air conditioners.

1. Seat installation

(1) Seat and base
The seat and base of this structure are connected by four bolts to form a seat assembly. The seat assembly is mounted on the floor of the cab, with a seat height of 270 mm, a height adjustment of 3 levels, ranging from -30 cm to 0 to 30 cm, and a base height of 180 mm. The seat assembly and base are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. Some loader bases are also used as toolboxes, and the seats are mounted on the toolbox.

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