How To Judge The Quality Of Gas Spring And Its Disassembly?

- Sep 27, 2018 -

For the gas spring website products and keywords, the following is to continue to familiarize and understand, because this is an important product in the website, and there are many applications, from the current point of view, so it is necessary and should be carried out seriously, In this way, you can make your own learning and increase your professional knowledge in this area.

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1. Gas spring manufacturer, can it produce other products?

Gas spring manufacturer, which can manufacture other products, such as compressed gas springs, stainless steel gas springs, lockable pneumatic rods and hydraulic support rods, so that manufacturers can have a variety of products, and at the same time, they can also choose Buyers have a variety of options.


2. What are the qualities of the gas spring that need to be considered?

The gas spring, which is a professional accessory that can support, cushion, brake and adjust the angle from a professional point of view. However, if the mixture is mixed into the inside, it will affect the normal use of the gas spring. Therefore, attention should be paid to this point and it should not be underestimated. To judge the quality of the gas spring, it is necessary to consider the sealing of the gas spring, and then the service life of the product, because its life is related to the number of expansion and contraction, and then the change of the force value in the stroke.


3. Can the gas spring be dismantled at will?

Gas springs, which cannot be dismantled at will, are not close to heat sources and in high temperature environments. Its dismantling should be carried out by professional technicians. The oil and gas in the gas spring should be cleaned before disassembling, so as to avoid malfunctions. Moreover, it does not affect the normal installation and use of the gas spring.


4. Under any circumstances, can the gas spring be quickly reset?

If you answer this question from a professional perspective, the answer is yes or no. Under normal circumstances, the gas spring is in the stretch state, and can be quickly reset after being compressed. However, if the gas spring itself is too small or the weight supported is too heavy, there will be a problem that the quick reset cannot be performed. It should be disposed of in a timely manner without delay, so as not to damage or damage the gas spring.

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