Is The Car Seat A Four-wheeled Sofa?

- Sep 25, 2018 -

Why change the seat?

The seat adjustment is troublesome, especially in the handwheel adjustment that is commonly used by the public.

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During driving, when the long-distance driving is uncomfortable, the seat is adjusted. If it is a manual seat, when the angle adjuster, the rail or the height is adjusted, the whole or the back of the seat will have a sudden large position or angle change resulting in the body. Losing balance has a direct impact on the steering wheel operation, suddenly changing the direction of the vehicle, posing a greater security threat to the occupants.

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Bad seat modification

The general so-called modification is not modified in the original car seat, but is used to install the car removed from the scrap car or the accident car. The performance, durability, safety, etc. all have major hidden dangers.

At the same time, the connection between the non-original seat and the floor of the car is usually a simple flat iron, and the strength and rigidity are not enough to meet the requirements. In the extreme case, the seat suffers a huge impact, resulting in separation of the seat from the body, and personal safety. Will cause irreparable damage.

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