What Are The Contents Of The Auditorium Chair?

- Aug 21, 2018 -

What is the relationship between the quality inspection of an auditorium chair? The following years of experience from the Suzhou Bonwell Chair Auditorium Chair manufacturers have concluded that there are seven situations that directly affect the quality of an auditorium seat. 1, seat size: seat distance, chair height, chair depth, seat height. 2, the overall appearance of the seat: soft bag, spray, paint. 3, seat flip noise and rebound situation. 4, the reversible backplane operation is flexible and firm. 5, the activity of the foot lift and push. 6. Installation and flipping of the coffee table or writing board. 7. Adaptation and firmness of all kinds of fasteners.

Related information: compiled by Bonwell Auditorium manufacturers, www.seatchair.com

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