Where Are The Pressures On The Seats Of Ordinary Seats When They Are Seated?

- Jun 27, 2018 -

Seat comfort lies in the dispersion of gravity

Seat engineers have studied that the seat cushions of ordinary seats are mainly concentrated on the hips and thighs while the seat cushions are in use. When the seat backs are in the seat, the pressure is mainly concentrated on the waist, so that sitting up can be particularly tired. The specially designed seat can spread the pressure of the hips and thighs to the thighs close to the knees, and the pressure on the waist will also spread to the upper back and even the shoulders.

Meet the requirements of comfort, minimize the thickness of the backrest

We all know that a relatively thick backrest is more comfortable to ride. However, in order to ensure the seating space in the vehicle, designers must ensure that the thickness of the backrest is reduced as much as possible to meet the requirements of comfort. And for those who do not consider comfort for the sake of space to reduce the thickness of the backrest, would you be ridiculing?


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