The plastic chair is beautiful and durable

- Jun 27, 2017 -

1. With the appearance and texture of natural wood, close to humans, close to nature, retain the natural wood fiber texture or wood texture, Fanpuguizhen, can be highly integrated with the natural environment; abandoned the natural wood defects, not crack, Deformation, without regular maintenance; no wood knots, twill, stains, mildew and other defects, the surface smooth and delicate.

2. Flexible design according to the design of the product: size, shape, thickness, custom, smooth and delicate surface, without grinding, painting, by adding colorants, film and other post-processing technology can be made of colorful, Kind of plastic wood products.

3. Good mechanical properties: good flame resistance (fire), small water absorption (waterproof), good dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, anti-friction, moisture resistance, anti-aging, cold, anti-ultraviolet, super self- Not insects, not long fungi, Naisuan Jian, non-toxic, non-polluting and other excellent performance. Anti-ultraviolet, excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor, outdoor sun and rain leisure, sports venues, near water landscape and other places.

4. Good stain resistance, antibacterial health, super self-cleaning: dense surface without pores, water absorption is very low, bacteria and mold can not be parasitic, is the most clean and hygienic new composite decorative building materials.

5. Long life, economical and practical: the average time than wood used more than five times longer, without regular maintenance, reducing the cost of post-processing and maintenance costs, the use of wood is 1/3 ~ 1/4, economical and practical.

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