Also Called The Van, Why Is The Difference So Big?

- Sep 07, 2018 -

The principle of the rise and fall of all-electric trucks is the same as that of semi-electric pallet trucks. The difference is that all electric pallet trucks use electric power control systems for all operations, which eliminates the need for manual operation and is a time-saving and labor-saving handling tool.

Manual hydraulic pallet trucks can be divided into manual hydraulic pallet trucks, high lift scissor trucks and electronic scale trucks, depending on their appearance. The manual truck has a large carrying capacity and is one of the tools for carrying heavy objects at short distances. It is driven by a hydraulic system to drive the lifting and lowering of the cargo, and the handling is carried out by human pull.

Features of the all-electric truck:


1. The body is small and light, can work in a narrow passage, can enter the elevator at full load, and can work on light load floor.


2. All control components are concentrated at the end of the handlebar, which is easy to operate and requires no professional driving.


3, the use of high-efficiency DC traction motor, traction, walking speed, can withstand heavy material handling.

4. The lifting system adopts the integral hydraulic pumping station. When the lifting button is activated, the material can be gently lifted up, the lowering button is activated, the hydraulic cylinder automatically recovers, and the material can be slowly lowered.


5, the walking speed control uses the latest MOS tube stepless speed regulation system, the operation can be forward and backward according to the loaded items, the surrounding environment, and the random control. The imported stepless speed regulation system can be used to prepare a number of control programs with better results.



   Features of the manual hydraulic truck:


1. The door frame is made of heavy-duty column steel and cold-formed. Make the door frame stronger, safer, more mobile and easy to operate.


2. The manual hydraulic truck cylinder is made of high-precision grinding tube, imported oil seal and integrated valve core, which is convenient for disassembly and repair. The footing method, the promotion speed circulation, greatly improved the safety.


3. Use leading spray technology to improve the appearance of the product and the durability of the added manual hydraulic truck.


4. It is a pollution-free manual hydraulic truck with sensitive transportation, sensitive operation and small turning radius.


5. It is a suitable production workshop, production workshop, storage, station, dock, airport, etc. It is especially suitable for use in places with fireproof and explosion-proof requirements, such as printing workshop, various oil storage, chemical warehouse and other places.


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