Bus Seats Are Stable And Reliable

- Jun 23, 2018 -

The first step after the seat of the bus seat is in the driving position is to adjust the height of the seat (this step can be omitted if the seat cannot be adjusted high or low). This adjustment step requires that the head and roof space is appropriate, and the line of sight should not be too low. In general, if you can adjust, try to keep enough space between the head and the roof to prevent the head from hitting the roof when the vehicle is bumpy and hurt yourself.

The next step is to adjust the front and rear of the seat. At this point, you can use the right foot to use the brake pedal as an adjustment criterion. If your right leg can remain bent and you can continue to force it down, and it will not feel uncomfortable due to bending, then the distance will be More appropriate. If you press the brake pedal, the right leg is completely straightened, so that you can't quickly and effectively step on the brake pedal in case of an emergency. The consequences can also be imagined.

The backrest of the car seat is one of the important components of the car seat, and its performance has a significant influence on the quality of the seat. A backrest test system that satisfies the customer's requirements was developed to meet the driving comfort of the driver. The backrest unlocking torque, stroke, and spring force were effectively tested. Practice has proved that the system has achieved stable and reliable operation with satisfactory results. The car seat is an important interior component that connects the occupant to the car body in the car. Its safety, comfort, and ease of operation are increasingly valued.

The backrest is one of the important components of the seat, and its performance has an important influence on the quality of the car seat. Car seats of any model must undergo various types of tests prior to batch production and during formal production to ensure that their performance indicators meet relevant design requirements. The seat back test system is one of the important test items for ensuring seat quality. Has a great influence on the overall test performance of the seat.

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