Car Daily Maintenance Knowledge

- Jun 11, 2018 -

■ Cooling system maintenance knowledge

1 Every 1 to 2 weeks, check whether the height of the coolant drops. The coolant is not volatile like gasoline. Therefore, if the height is reduced, there may be a leak somewhere. Then you must go to the repair station immediately.

2 Every 20000km or 1 year, check the rubber hose connecting the coolant tank and the engine. Can be observed with the naked eye and flashlight. If there is a crack or a bulge somewhere, it means that the tube should be changed.

3 New coolant must be replaced every 40000km or two years. If you are buying an old car, the sooner you get a new one, the better, so as not to overheat the engine and scrap it.

4 Replace the cooling fan belt every 2 years. car seatsluxury van seat black.jpg 

■ Start system maintenance knowledge

The start of the engine is accomplished by the electric charge of the battery pushing the spark plug. Proper maintenance can cause the engine to start normally and prolong the life of the battery.

Battery check method:

    It is not too difficult to check the work of the battery. Check it in a month or two. Carefully open the battery cover during the inspection to see if there is enough battery fluid in the battery. If the height is not enough, add distilled water to the appropriate height. . Every 1 year or so, check whether the positive and negative terminal contacts of the battery are rusty or unclean. If so, go to the service station and clear it to keep the circuit open. Also note that if your battery is a maintenance-free battery, you must not add water.

Exhaust system maintenance knowledge:

    Check once a year. The cool car should not stop the car just started in more than one minute, so it will be more depleted and shorten the life of the engine. The correct hot car method is that, after about 30 seconds to 40 seconds after start-up, you should slowly go on the road at a moderate speed and wait for the temperature pointer to rise and then accelerate.

Brake maintenance knowledge:

    Basically, every 1 to 2 months, check whether the height of the brake oil is the same. If the height is reduced, it means that there is a certain area that is leaking and it is necessary to rush to find a garage. The brake pads are inspected every 20,000km. If they have been worn or are about to wear out, they must be replaced.

Common sense of tire maintenance:

    Check the tires once a week to see if the tire pressure is insufficient. Usually, the tire pressure will be higher than usual during the hot days, so it is better to measure the tire pressure on a cold day or when it is cool. At the same time, don't forget to check the tire pressure of the spare tire from time to time to avoid finding out that the spare tire is flat when you open the trunk and need to replace the tire. If you need to replace a worn tire, it is best to change it with two or four, and to choose the same tires in order to keep the balance of the car.

Pre-trip maintenance knowledge:

    In addition to the usual maintenance, it is also important to go out and check. It's nothing more than lights, tanks, oil, tires, brakes, and so on. It should be noted that the paths and road conditions that you normally drive each day may be the same. Once you are far away, you may have to drive more than five or six hours each day. The car must have enough capacity to adapt to a more complex environment. Especially in areas with different temperatures, care must be taken when the engine overheats. In addition, the condition of the tires is also very important. If you go on a highway for a long time, it will be very dangerous if the tires slip. Agricultural machinery seat

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