Car Interior Modified Seat Decoration Suzhou Bonwell

- Aug 24, 2018 -

Third, the modern car seat features:

the modern car seat features.jpg

As a luxury business car, the attention of the rear passengers also deserves our attention: in order to further enhance the comfort of the rear row, we still provide a rear independent two-seat model, which is equipped not only with the rear-mounted individually controllable partitions. The air-conditioned and high-grade leather-ventilated heated seats are also thoughtfully equipped with double mirrors with lights in the back. In addition, the top audio, mahogany decoration and car-specific refrigerators, multimedia systems and other equipment, customers can customize the car that best reflects their personality according to their own preferences. You can choose a 6-way adjustable rear seat with seat temperature control and massage, while the top model offers 10-way adjustment and two separate rear seats with integrated Easy-Entry system.

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