On The New Routine Of Advertising Implantation: Cleverly Borrowing Public Seats

- May 17, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the economy and the growing population, public rest spaces that can rest and relax have become an urgent need for people in places such as airports, stations, hospitals, urban shopping districts, and pedestrian streets. Among them, public seating is the most common.

Public seats for the purpose of convenience and benefit, with the clever implantation of advertising, have gradually become an information transmission platform that people can easily accept, and their attention and media usage habits are also increasing year by year.

In recent years, there has been an optimistic trend in the advertising investment in public rest spaces, which can be analyzed from the following three aspects.

Mass psychology.

 On the one hand, people are more likely to find curiosity about the surrounding information while resting. Curiosity puts the brain in a state of learning and memory, and it is always easy for people to understand and accept it.

On the other hand, rest seats are considered to be a kind of intimate and relaxing service. The ads above it can effectively dilute the direct utilitarianism of advertisements and ease consumers' rebellious psychology of hard advertisements, so that consumers can Relax and enjoy some kind of business or cultural information.

Accurate positioning.

Public rest spaces, especially shopping malls, cinemas, stations, hospitals and other scenes, the audience is relatively accurate positioning, so the ads can be based on the location of the seat to determine the target customer base and content.

Long advertising cycle.

In contrast to the generally 15-30 seconds of television advertising time, public seat ads have a long advertising cycle, and the same advertising message can maximize the coverage of millions of consumers and maintain long-lasting and continuous contact with them. Have lasting and far-reaching effects.

As a result, the public seat advertisement arrival rate will greatly increase, fully meeting advertisers' advertising requirements.

Public seating meets people's needs. Secondly, its advertising has become an important part of stimulating consumption. It is not only a new profitable business opportunity for media advertising, but also an important innovation channel for corporate branding and product promotion.


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