How Does The Student Chair Of The Hostel Artifact Install?

- Jun 27, 2017 -

1, to determine the location of the installation of a good chair, there must be enough space to put a chair, there can not be around the shelter, there are obsolete hanging chair to lose its value, therefore, the location is very important in the dormitory where , Balcony or installed in the study above.

2, open the installation instructions, according to the diagram to check the various components and accessories are complete, check the steel pipe in the small parts inside, so as not to miss.

3, first install the boom, unscrew the screws, in accordance with the instructions of the boom support pieces together, align the buttons, screw the screw so that the position of the boom fixed to ensure the stability of the boom, making the shaking time Will fall.

4, hanging hanging chain spring, the basket and hanging chain connected to each other, the connection is relatively simple, in accordance with the above diagram on the buckle on it. In this way, the installation of the entire chair is complete.

5, check all parts of the chair, the steel pipe is connected, the screw is tightened, and whether the integration of all parts of the complete coordination, which is mainly inside the security check.

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