How Is The Car Seat Developed?

- Jun 29, 2018 -

The development process of the car seat is very similar to the process of developing a new car. It has to undergo the goal setting - design development - design verification (DV) - mass production verification (PV) - the process of production. Firstly, the comfort index of the new seat is determined by collecting the customer feedback of the previous product and the comfort index parameters of the competing product; then the preliminary concept design of the new product is carried out, and the design plan is determined after many rounds of modification and demonstration. Then the engineering development; the next step is to make the prototype for verification, and continue to modify and then verify according to the results of the test, and then go back and forth until a time node to obtain a final product plan.


In addition to the basic ergonomic design principles of the car seat, the car seat process has many unique processes. For example, the softness and hardness of different parts of a car seat are different. This is because the car seat has to be comfortable to sit on, and it can fix the human body while the car body is shaking. In general, different positions of the car seat are filled with foaming sponges of different hardness and then adhered by an adhesive, but this tends to cause VOC (volatile organic compounds) to exceed the standard. The new GL8 mid-row seated sponge uses a foaming process called DHH to achieve different hardnesses in different parts of the same filling material, thus reducing the use of adhesives. Reduce the volatilization of VOC.


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