How Many Problems In Cinema Design?

- Jul 07, 2018 -

1. Determination of design goals

The design of the cinema should be people-oriented. The function of screening the film is very clear. There should be a good audio-visual process in the auditorium, sufficient sound pressure level, high speech intelligibility and the lowest possible noise. Outside the audience hall, there should be The spacious rest place, ticket purchase and shopping are very convenient. The distribution of the movie hall and the identification of various facilities are clear; the environment is warm and elegant, and the movie atmosphere is everywhere. Let the audience blend in with the cinema and the movie.


2, the layout of the movie hall

The newly built movie halls are mostly built on the mall, supermarkets or other entertainment industries, and echoed with them, integrating audience and customers. The layout is important in a given spatial area. The layout of the movie hall should make full use of the existing limited space, and set up multiple cinemas as much as possible under the conditions of the cinema. Generally, it can be set to three types: large, medium and small. The hall can be controlled at about 500 seats, and the small hall is suitable for about 100 seats. In this way, it can be applied freely in controlling the flow of visitors. The new film is released, the audience is large, the open hall and many small and medium-sized halls. As the screening period increases, the audience decreases, moving from the hall to the middle hall and then to the small hall. At the beginning of the week, there were always many films in the theater, and the attendance rate was maintained.

Under the permission of the building conditions, the screening rooms of the multi-room should be concentrated in one floor or one large room. This is the deployment of multi-hall cinema programs (or linkage screening), the efficiency of the projections is improved (one person can take care of multiple halls) The screening management is very beneficial.


3. The public places (door halls, corridors, rest halls) of the theaters should also have sufficient space. The conditional theaters can be set to more than 1/2 of the total area of the audience halls, at least not less than 1/3. The foyer and lounge are spacious, bright, and elegant; the corridors and passages are warm and quiet, with soft light and simple and clean. The layout of the ticket office, the commissary and other service facilities is in a prominent position to facilitate the audience.

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