How To Adjust The Seats And Mirror?

- May 30, 2018 -

One such simple question is to avoid the most dangerous source of driving danger. According to a survey, incorrect driving posture and poor visibility of mirrors can directly lead to traffic accidents. Do not think that this is talking about someone else's business. Do not believe now. Check if your own driving posture is correct. car seats


    First of all, to adjust the height of the seat, adjust the seat up and down so that the head at least one punch from the roof. If the seat is adjusted too high, the head of the vehicle can easily hit the roof of the vehicle when the vehicle is jolted. If the seat is too short, it will affect the line of sight. Then it is the distance adjustment. When the foot is on the brake pedal to the deepest position, the leg still has a certain amount of bending; and the backrest can neither be too straight nor lie half lying. The best driving condition is when the shoulder is When naturally leaning backwards, the arms should be positioned exactly on the steering wheel after the arms are stretched. This ensures that the steering wheel can be used when the steering wheel is twisted. In addition, the kilometer, hourly speed, and fuel capacity of the instrument panel can also be displayed. Within sight. When holding the steering wheel with both hands, it is best to place the "3 o'clock" and "9 o'clock" positions. The thumb rests naturally on the steering wheel spokes. Some drivers like to turn their thumb inward, or turn the wheel from the inside during a turn. This is actually a very dangerous driving habit. This will make the driver's steering feedback on the steering wheel unclear. Poor road or emergency operations may also hurt your fingers.


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