How To Buy Leather Fabric When Buying An Auditorium Chair?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

The following is a brief introduction from Suzhou Bonwell Auditorium Chair Manufacturer: How to buy leather fabric when purchasing auditorium chairs?

   Wiping method: wipe the leather surface of the auditorium chair with stain-free oil, pay attention to whether there is fading or falling off, and avoid buying 2 times of color-changing leather.

   Olfactory method: Good leather, there should be no pungent taste after treatment, so too much solvent smell and paint smell is not good.

   Document Law: The leather of the factory has clear sources, and the basic materials such as the production site, the leather factory standard, the leather test table, and the leather use authorization are all indispensable.

   The labeling method: the factory leather, the back will be marked with the date of manufacture, the name of the skin factory and so on. (The date of manufacture should not be too long. If the leather is more than 3 years, it should be noted that there is no mold.)

   Heat-resistance method: It is best to have a small piece of leather material with the manufacturer, and use the cigarette head to touch the hot sample for 2~3 seconds, which can avoid buying PU products. The burning time is large due to the burning of the lighter, so the time needs to be lengthened.

   View: Under the 30 times magnifying glass, it can be seen that the leather looks like the surface of the moon, and the hole is pitted, which has good air permeability. The leather is cut across the blade, and the color of the leather from the outer layer to the inner layer must be the same. Pay attention to whether there are any different colors under the outer layer to avoid buying used or dyed second-hand leather.

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