How To Choose Stainless Steel Tables And Chairs?

- Jul 06, 2018 -

1. The reputation of the brand helps us to understand its quality to a certain extent. The good brand not only guarantees the good quality of the stainless steel dining table and chair, but also guarantees its safety and service life. It is intimate in the process of our use. After sales service.

2. The most important part of the stainless steel dinette is the place where the connection is fastened, that is, the metal parts. Therefore, the quality of the metal parts when purchasing the stainless steel dinette is also a reference factor. A good quality stainless steel table directly affects the longevity of the table. Whether the hardware used is the connection part of the table, so the quality of the hardware directly affects the quality of the table, the hardware requirements are smooth, and the surface treatment of the plating Fine, can not have any rust or burrs, etc., the accuracy is high. The method for judging the quality of a metal part is to see whether its surface is smooth, whether the surface plating treatment is appropriate, whether there is high precision between the fittings, and the like.

3. Everyone has their own favorite style during the decoration process, such as European style, American style, Chinese style, etc., and the stainless steel dining table and chair with the style suitable for the room is undoubtedly a icing on the room.


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