How To Design The Tractor Seats Size?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

Tractor seat size design;

The main parameters of the seat size design include: chair height, width, depth, and seat angle; backrest height, width, and inclination. Chair height

A: The height of the chair surface is defined as the vertical distance from the front edge of the chair to the driver's knee point. There are two main considerations in the design: the high chair surface will stress the thigh muscles, and the low chair surface will increase the back muscle load. The seat height of the driver's seat should be lower. Chair width

B: The width is better if space permits. However, for a tractor driver's seat, the driver is sitting in a single position and does not involve a change of position. Usually, the design should meet the requirements of the widest human body. Chair surface depth

C: The horizontal distance from the front edge of the chair to the front of the backrest. The dimensions should be such that the waist is supported by the backrest; a proper distance is left between the front edge of the chair and the lower leg to ensure that the thigh muscles are not squeezed and the leg-bending portion is not obstructed. Backrest height

D and Width: The height and width of the backrest are related to the height and shoulder width of the seat. For the height of the backrest of the tractor's driver's seat, a low backrest should be used. It is better not to use a pillow. Back Angle α: The back angle refers to the angle between the backrest and the horizontal direction of the seat surface. Chair angle β: The angle between the chair surface and the horizontal. The main consideration is to prevent the hips of the human body from sliding forward but the front edge of the chair is inclined backward. This angle is not too large, otherwise it will increase the pressure of the lower plane of the thigh and the front edge of the seat cushion, thereby reducing the load of the feet on the ground, obstructing the blood circulation and causing physical and mental fatigue. Through the above determination of the seat size parameters, to ensure that the driver's human spine curve is closer to the normal physiological spine curve.


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