How To Maintain The Car Leather Seat

- May 11, 2018 -

If the leather seat is in a high temperature environment for a long time, the cortex will become dry, and when it is serious, the original protective oil film will be destroyed, thereby accelerating the aging of the leather and causing cracking and fading. Therefore, it is recommended that you best to paste a layer of insulation film to your car, while avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, if you need to park in the open air for a long time, you can put a visor in the car. To reduce the UV damage to the leather seat. In addition, please do not smoke in the car as much as possible to prevent the leather seat from being burned.

Because the seat cover can be disassembled at any time, it is very convenient to change and wash, so some owners believe that by installing seat covers, leather seats can be effectively maintained clean. In fact, this approach is wrong, because the car leather seat is not as arrogant as we imagine, as long as the usual care properly, leather seats are actually more resistant than normal fabric seat dirt, and ordinary dust and stains only Use a clean rag to gently wipe it, which is also very convenient.

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