How To Use The Auditorium Chair Paint Board?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

 In the auditorium chair: I believe many people know what the paint is, but it may not be clear what the open paint is. Open paint is a finishing process that completely reveals the hole tube on the surface of the wood. Its main component is polyurethane, its concentration. Smaller, it shows that the auditorium seats and cinema seats have obvious wooden holes, clear texture, small amount of paint coating, matt, natural texture and so on. Although its cost is relatively high, the requirements for spraying technology are relatively high, requiring six or seven or even ten times of paint process. The bottom rubbing process does not use modern mechanical spraying but artificial wiping, and performs color paste and paint treatment on auditorium chairs and cinema chairs.

      The process can ensure that the color paste adheres firmly to the surface of the veneer, and can be thermally expanded and contracted with the wood when subjected to temperature changes. Secondly, the open paint can make the wood grain bright, the texture is outstanding and natural, while the color paste, paint and the like directly infiltrate into the wooden eye, and it is not easy to fade.

      Semi-open paint is popular in the auditorium chair industry for the past two years, and is generally used on coarse wood grain boards such as ash. Relatively close to the natural style, because the amount of paint used is relatively small, it can reduce costs and reduce environmental pollution. These two paint processes are suitable for different wooden furniture and auditorium chairs.

      The principle of wood wax oil, wood wax oil can penetrate the inside of the wood, giving the deep moisturizing and curing of the wood. The wax can be closely combined with the wood fiber to enhance the surface hardness, waterproof and antifouling, wear and rub resistance. This kind of gold combination provides the wood with wood. The best maintenance and decorative effects. The construction of wood wax oil is simple, only one or two times, it is very suitable for DIY auditorium chairs, and will not cause harm to human health.

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