The Composition And Use Of The Theater Chair

- May 07, 2018 -

The theater chair is a kind of public chair, most of which consists of four parts: chair back, chair seat, armrest and standing foot. Theater chairs are widely used in theaters, concert halls, studios, and auditoriums. In addition to being widely used in cinema venues, theater chairs can also be used for important occasions such as government offices, school auditoriums, amphitheatres, and office space.

    The specifications of the theater chair can be determined according to the site and usage conditions, and a writing board device for placing files and for recording can be added. The theater chair must first ensure that you have a good line of sight when you are watching a movie, and that you are sitting comfortably and not fatigued, so most theater chairs are sofa-style. The seats also need to consider numbering and local lighting in the dark so that users can identify and look for seats.

    The fabric of the seat should use special flax fabric for public seats, which is resistant to dirt, fade, and fire-retardant. Chair legs should be made of high-quality national standard cold-rolled steel plate through the mold stamping processing of a molding (thickness is higher than 2.5mm) pipe, with a high quality cold-drawn steel pipe thickness of 1.8mm, after two kinds of protective welding, after the electrostatic spray acid pickling phosphating Plastic. The seat armrests should be made of high-quality ABS material for injection molding. The armrests are equipped with cups (popcorn cups) and are designed to be able to be flipped up and down to save space. Seat sponges should be made of polyurethane cold curing technology, disposable molding (built-in steel frame), back sponge is a cold curing process, and high-resilience sponge has built-in ABS skeleton. The seat and back shell are made of high-quality polypropylene material for disposable injection molding, which is resistant to impact, abrasion and easy to clean.

    When choosing a theater chair, it is necessary to look at the comfort of the seat. The curvature of the back of the chair must be suitable for the physiological curvature of the human body, so that the sedentary will be comfortable.


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