The Difference Between Car Seat Covers What Is More Suitable For You?

- Aug 17, 2018 -

[Car seat cover] is mainly prominent on the seat cover. That is to say, it is mainly used to enclose the car seat, which is based on the shape of the seat, and is basically dedicated to the car. Generally, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and the aging of the entire seat cover is protected. It is selected according to personal preference, and generally has no seasonality.

[Car seat cushion] is generally padded on the seat, generally has a seat and rely on. Seats are generally divided into summer and winter. Summer is generally a mat, or plastic, or ice silk, linen. There are more plush products in winter.

1. Surrounding: The car seat is covered by the seat surface and the head, and the side and the bottom are not surrounded. The car seat cover is fully enclosed, and the three-dimensional feeling is very strong. Compared with the car seat cushion, the car seat cover has a more harmonious appearance.

2, material: car seat cover material is relatively single, generally divided into cloth seat cover and leather seat cover. The car seat is made of a wider material because it is only a surface covering, so the available materials are relatively more. For example, winter wool car seat cushions, fox skin car seat cushions and other fur cushions, summer ice silk, Vicat car seat cushions, jade car seat cushions, etc.

3, seasonal: car seat covers are generally four-season, available all year round. The car seat cushions are more seasonally divided into summer car seat cushions, winter car seat cushions, and spring and autumn car seat cushions.

4, the protection of the car seat: the car seat cover is a fully enclosed seat, so it can better protect the car seat.

5, general-purpose and special-purpose: The car seat cover is completely surrounded by the car seat, it needs to be customized according to the model, so that the seat cover and the car seat are more integrated, so the car seat cover is dedicated. According to different bodywork. Compared with the car seat cushion, the seat cover is more delicate and more expensive. Car seat cushions are generally used for 5 small cars, and special models need to be ordered. Therefore, it is often said that the universal seat cushion and the special seat cover are used. When ordering the seat cover, it is necessary to pay attention to the detailed description of the vehicle type and the specific requirements. The retention of the airbag port is also a special point of attention.

6, installation: car seat is easier to install, car seat cover is relatively more troublesome.

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