The Relationship Between The Human Sitting Posture And The Car Seat Recliner?

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Human body posture and car seat recliner. The spine of the car seat is composed of 24 vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx. Among them, the vertebrae are divided into 7 sections of cervical vertebrae, 12 sections of thoracic vertebrae and 5 sections of lumbar vertebrae from top to bottom. They are linked by cartilage and ligaments, allowing the body to perform flexion, extension, lateral extension and convolution in several directions.

The spine is located in the center of the human body and is the main pillar of the human body. In particular, the lumbar spine bears all the weight of the upper body of the person, and at the same time, it is also necessary to realize activities such as bending and twisting when the human body exercises, and it is most likely to be damaged and deformed.

Comfortable sitting physiology should ensure that the waist curve is in a normal state, the back muscles are in a relaxed state, and the blood vessels leading from the upper body to the thighs are not oppressed to ensure normal blood circulation. Therefore, the most comfortable sitting posture is to move the buttocks slightly away from the backrest, so that the upper body is slightly inclined to tilt backwards, keeping the body leg angle at 90o to 115o. At the same time, the angle between the thigh and calf, the calf and the sole of the foot, and between the big arm and the small arm should form a certain angle of the car seat.


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