What Are The Car Seats Adjustment Mechanisms?

- Jun 04, 2018 -

1. The car seat slide rail is a mechanism for adjusting the front and rear displacement of the seat in the horizontal longitudinal position of the carriage. There is a single lock slide track and a double lock slide slide. The selection of the slide track is generally determined based on the lock strength. For example: when the seatbelt anchorage point is not in the seat, a single lockout slideway is generally selected; when the seatbelt anchorage point is in the seat, a double lockout slideway or a double lockup slideway is selected. The size of the slide displacement, that is, the distance between the front and the rear of the seat, must be determined according to the corresponding human body size and ergonomic principles. Generally, the distance before and after the adjustment is 0 to 100 mm.

2. The car seat recliner is a mechanism that adjusts and locks the backrest and seat cushion angle. The lock strength must meet the relevant regulations. The recliner is divided into a mechanical recliner and an electric recliner. The mechanical recliner includes a mechanical plate recliner, a mechanical reel reeler, and a dual linkage recliner. The mechanical plate recliner generally adopts the working principle of a ratchet pawl or a rack tooth plate and a leaf spring reset structure, and can realize step adjustment and folding in a maximum range of 180 degrees, and is suitable for various types of automobile driver seats. The mechanical rod recliner consists of a controllable gas spring and connecting parts and is suitable for passenger seats for passenger cars. The double linkage recliner means that the left and right two sets of locking mechanisms are simultaneously operated under the control of one set of the adjusting mechanism and locked at the same time, and have the advantages of high locking strength, and are suitable for various types of truck driver seats. Electric recliner generally adopts the principle of planetary gear transmission with teeth difference or the principle of dual planetary gear transmission with cycloid. It has the advantages of smooth transmission, high strength and large range of adjustment, and is suitable for high-end automobile driver seats. Engineering seat

3. The front cushion angle adjustment mechanism of the seat cushion is generally a mechanical adjustment mechanism, and a multi-bar mechanism with a safe and reliable structure is adopted. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, people will put forward higher and higher requirements for car seats. In order to further improve the comfort and safety of the seats, major auto companies and auto parts companies in the world are constantly increasing the research and development of the seats, developing new structures, new processes, and new materials for the seats. The company has continuously developed various types of suspension seats, electric seats, computer memory seats, and other auxiliary devices such as massage devices and auxiliary cooling and heating intelligent air-conditioning seats. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly fabrics as seat fabrics will also become a new trend.



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