What Are The Components Of The Bus Seats?

- Jun 19, 2018 -

What are the components that make up our general model seats? The family car is generally composed of four parts: the headrest, the backrest, the seat cushion, and the adjustment device. The finer points include the seat frame, the connection piece and the filler.

Passenger seat car seat adjustment appeared in 1921, but nowadays, after rapid development of the car, seat adjustment is also varied.

Is it better to adjust the type?

As mentioned before, various types of seat adjustments are available, but the more adjustment types, the better? Not! Many types are just high in configuration plus ride comfort. Sometimes the seat adjustment experience of different models is different, for example, the types of adjustments we listed below.

Above we are talking about the operating problems of seat adjustments in different models, but in fact many of the features of the more highly equipped models are very practical, such as seat memory, waist massage, seat heating and ventilation, and boss keys.

Are you adjusting it manually or electrically?

In theory, electric adjustment is good, after all, the price is there. However, there are advantages and disadvantages, some manual adjustment only high and low and backrest adjustment, you can quickly adjust the right sitting position, of course, the disadvantage is that there is not much choice for riding comfort; and the advantages of electric adjustment is the type, how comfortable how to sit, you can Adjust to a more precise and appropriate driving posture, but the disadvantage is that it takes a little time.

Leather seats are better?

After finishing the adjustment, we talked about the material of the seats. Everyone is looking at various things. The common models on the market can be divided into two types - leather seats and velvet seats.

However, nowadays, according to different levels of car models, there are many categories of seat materials, and the following figure will give you a list of the types of seats that will come into contact:

Velvet + leather mash-up seats are now available on many models, and ride feel and vision are better than weaving seats.


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