What Are The Components Of The Theater Chair?

- Jul 06, 2018 -

The theater chair is a kind of public seat, and most of them are composed of a seat, a back, an armrest and a standing foot. In general, the standing foot and the armrest are integrated to form a securely mounted armrest. The composition is generally steel-wood structure or steel-plastic structure, which is widely used in various auditoriums and theaters.

In addition to being widely used in cinema venues, cinema chairs can also be used in important occasions such as government agencies, enterprises and institutions, school auditoriums, lecture halls, studios, and office spaces.

The specifications of the cinema chair can be determined according to the site and usage. It can be added with a document and a writing pad for recording or simultaneous translation equipment and voting and speaking equipment.

Cinema chairs must first ensure that you have a good view when watching movies, and that you are comfortable and not tired, so most theater chairs are sofa-style cushions. In order to facilitate the evacuation of personnel during the field, the theater chair often adopts a cushion reversible structure. Seats also need to be numbered and partially illuminated in the dark to allow users to identify and find seats.


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