What Are The Details Of The Car Leather Seat Modification Process?

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Now many car owners like to install a set of high-end, comfortable leather seats for their cars, but now the car interior transformation industry is mixed, and many merchants use unprofessional techniques and tools to help the owners in order to speed up the installation process. The installation of leather seats will lead to various problems in the later leather chairs. Today, Suzhou Bonwell Xiaobian will tell you about the details we should pay attention to during the installation of the car leather seats.

car seat cover.jpg

Packing a beautiful leather seat, the requirements for the board and sewing process are very high, especially at the corners, if there is any error, it will affect the appearance. Therefore, during installation, it is recommended that the owner first observe whether the technician's tools are complete and then whether they are skilled in the construction process. Before the leather seat is modified, it is very important to disassemble the chair. The tool should be used exclusively for the car. Without the proper tools, it will not only prolong the disassembly time, but also damage the original car screws and slide rails, which may cause future driving. Noise can occur and even cause safety hazards. In the modification, the technician needs to accurately place the seat cover on the corresponding position of the original car seat sponge, and then fix it with a special clamp using a caliper, that is, reposition the leather texture, so that the modified leather seat looks like Only comfortable.

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In the process of modifying the leather seat, there is a point that needs to be noticed by the owner, because some models have airbags on the seat, and if the leather seat is upgraded, it will affect the airbag. In view of this, the owner of the car needs to supervise the technician to see if the technician has specially treated the car with the airbag on the seat. In the process of modifying the leather seat, the process of sewing the leather is particularly important. When sewing the leather, it is necessary to use a special sewing thread and the stitches should be even. This is the most technical item in all the procedures. The owner is checking the leather. When the seat upgrade is good or bad, check whether the leather chair line is straight and even.

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