What Are The Driving Skills Of Trucks?

- Jun 16, 2018 -

Truck driving skills

When starting, the clutch, throttle, and hand brake must be accurately matched, especially when the hand brake is released. The stability of the clutch at the starting point of the uphill slope is slightly larger, but the advantage of the truck is that the starting position of the truck is more powerful than that of the small vehicle and it is easier to start. The shift must be timely, and it is not possible to delay the shift, especially if the slope is advanced in advance to ensure the reserve power. Another shift to use two-legged clutch, downshift plus empty oil. Hang downhill on the downhill and avoid going over the coast. The cornering should be steered according to the condition of the curve. Take an appropriate angle to the sharp bend and fully consider the difference of the inner wheel, that is, turning the big curve. When the situation of the continuous curve is permitted, try to make clear the bend and reduce the influence of the centrifugal force.

It is not possible to continuously brake at the time of braking. Pay attention to air pressure to prevent loss of control. Due to the quick response of air brake, it is necessary to practice more and master the effort. About 3.5 laps to the right and left of the cart, so you have to pull it up and you can't like a cart. Parking and reversing should fully consider the trajectory and spatial position of the car. Overtaking should take the right time, leave enough room, and do not rush.

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