What Are The Main Features Of The Loader Seats?

- Jun 02, 2018 -

1. Compact structure, reasonable layout, beautiful appearance.

2. The torque converter is a single-stage, two-phase, four-element, high-speed area, large traction, and high speed.

3. Power shift, fixed shaft gearbox, reliable work, easy maintenance.

4 torque converter 420mm cycle park, rising power, strong action.

5. The use of full hydraulic steering system, light and flexible operation, stable and reliable performance.

6. The domestic use of rear-swinging technology is more advanced than that of the sub-frame swing, and the vehicle is less prone to tipping.

7. Air-oil pliers disc brakes, brake force, to ensure traffic safety.

8. The articulated bearing structure is adopted at the hinge of the frame to ensure that the frame hole will not be worn.


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