What Are The Materials For Passenger Seats?

- Jun 16, 2018 -

In the vehicle configuration table, there are generally two types of material in the seat column: fabric and leather. The texture of the fabric is not mentioned, but do you know that many so-called leather seats are not leather? In order to control the cost, general OEMs use a material called PVC to replace the leather. This material has poor air permeability, poor flexibility, and it does not feel the delicate feel of the leather. However, it is easier to manage than the leather, and the cost is naturally lower. Many consumers do not understand, so they are deceived by this so-called leather. For low-end models such as BMW and Audi, it is possible to use a PVC seat.

In addition to PVC, there is a "high simulation leather"

There is also a man-made material called microfiber. Although this material is not leather, it can do the same with the dermis and it is easy to take care of. Although the cost of this material is not low, but compared with the leather can still be cheaper, many OEMs will use this material to mid-range or mid-high-end models. Taking DS as an example, 90% of its watch chain seats are NAPPA skins and 10% are microfibers.

A person puts pressure on the seat and the seat gives a back-up support. This is what we learned in high school. Therefore, in the normal driving state, the seat should be able to ensure good support for the driver, and at the same time, the support force is distributed to various parts of the body by a reasonable design to ensure long-distance driving comfort. In special circumstances, such as collisions, the seats must be designed to ensure the safety of the members of the vehicle. This is a major difficulty in the design of the seat structure.


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