What Are The Seat Types For Car Seats?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Seat type for car seats

According to the shape, the car seat can be divided into a separate seat and a long seat; according to the function, it can be divided into fixed type, detachable type and adjustable type; according to the number of passengers, it can be divided into single, double and multi-person chairs. According to the performance of the seat, from the earliest fixed seat to the multi-functional power adjustment seat, there are air cushion seats, power seats, stereo seats, mental recovery seats, until the electronic adjustment seat . Divided into leather seats and flannel seats by material. There are also special seats for the use of objects such as child seats and racing seats.

China's automobile industry has developed rapidly in recent years and will develop steadily in the future. This has a large demand for seats, so there is still huge room for development in the future of the passenger car seat industry. Two major advantages 1, easy to clean. Compared to the fabric cover seat, the dust can only fall on the surface of the leather seat without deep into the seat, so the cleaning can be done with a cloth wipe. For the flannel seat, it is also needed. Buy a seat cushion, etc., otherwise it may penetrate into the seat once it is dirty.


2, easier to dissipate heat. Although the dermis also absorbs heat, its heat dissipation performance is better. Two points are insufficient and the surface is vulnerable. Sharp objects are the nemesis of the leather, so leather seats need more care. 2, sitting feeling slippery. The owner may use a seat belt or add a seat cushion to deal with this problem. In fact, the general manufacturer has been addressing the problem of wrinkling the surface of the dermis to increase the coefficient of friction. First, the leather yellow cowhide, which is the A-grade leather we often say, is the most common material used in all car leather seats. The surface is soft and soft, almost no pores are visible, the texture is firm and very tough, so it is processed. The seat is extremely beautiful. Buffalo is also known as B-grade leather. Compared with yellow cowhide, it has the advantage of being strong and wear-resistant. The disadvantages are that it is not soft enough, the hand feel is poor, the toughness is poor, the surface is rough, the pores are clear, and the processed seat is slightly worse than the yellow cowhide. In addition to the above two types of cortex, a class C skin, which is the second layer of yellow cattle and buffalo, is often seen on the market. Compared with the A-grade leather and the B-grade leather, the C-grade leather has a lot of difference in quality, appearance, price and service life. Therefore, customers are not advised to use leather processing seats below Class B. Under normal circumstances, the seats made of Class A and Class B skins can generally be used for 5 to 8 years. That is to say, in China, even if the car is scrapped or renewed, the leather seat can basically Keep it in good condition. The advantage of the C-grade leather is that it is cheap, but the lifespan is short, and it is not advisable for the customer to choose to use the C-grade leather. Whether it is good skin or secondary skin, Guan Jian is in conservation. If the daily maintenance is not proper, the service life is only one or two years. To this end, it is recommended to maintain it once a month, clean it once every three months, and use it for life. Just like leather shoes, it is often used to maintain shoe polish. For leather seat maintenance, leather polish (an oily agent) should be used to add a protective film to the leather seat to make the leather surface look more sleek and bright. The leather is dry and peeled. The owner can ask for a car beauty shop or do it yourself.

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