What Are The Tips For Purchasing A Child Safety Seat?

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Do parents who want to buy a child car seat for your baby are not able to face the wide variety of safety seats on the market? Let's take a look at the safety seat purchase techniques prepared by Xiaobian.

    1. Before buying, please confirm the type of safety seat you need: Keep your child's weight, height and age in mind, and pay attention to different types of weight and height restrictions. It is very important that you buy the right seat for your child's weight, not age.

    Weight is an important factor in choosing the right car seat for your baby. The car seats on the market are mainly based on the baby's weight grouping, and age can be used as a secondary reference. Because babies of the same age may have large differences in weight, age is not the primary factor. Do not purchase safety seats that exceed the baby's weight, and only baby seats can provide good safety.

    The most expensive safety seat does not mean the safest and best safety seat. The best safety seat should be one that will fit your child's weight, height, and your car, and that you can install correctly when you use it, and you will use it correctly every time you drive. Remember that higher prices do not guarantee the safety or quality of the safety seat.

    2. Before you buy, please understand which type of installation system (LATCH or ISOFIX) your vehicle is using, and the number and location of anchors in the vehicle. Please choose a child safety seat that matches your car's mounting system.

    3. Please choose the seller that allows you to try the safety seat in the car as much as possible. Because the actual test installation, you can intuitively understand whether the safety seat is properly installed, easy to use, how comfortable the baby is when using. If the conditions do not allow the trial, try to choose the merchant that can accept the exchange.

    4. Please choose a safety seat with a five-point seat belt as it can provide more safety for your child.

    5. Do not choose a safety seat with a protective pad at the top of the head. For infants, head injuries may occur due to the impact of a protective pad in an accident.

    6. Ask your child to try the safety seat. When your child sits in the chair, the arm should have enough space, and the safety seat should be high enough to allow the child to easily see the view outside the window. This will not only make the child feel interesting, but it will not be prone to motion sickness.

    7. Please test important functions, especially seat belts and buckles. The seat belt must be able to act as a restraint, the lock must be strong and durable, and the child cannot open it himself. Please make sure these features are working properly and easy to use.

    8. Please make sure that the safety seat in the box is brand-new, there are instruction manuals provided by the manufacturer, there are corresponding certification labels, there is no intuitive defect, all the labels are complete, and the merchant can provide professional installation guidance services.

    9. Never buy a second-hand child safety seat. Because you can't confirm whether it has experienced a car accident, can you provide your child with the security it deserves. Engineering seat


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