What Is A Car Shock Absorber What Is The Use Of A Shock Absorber?

- May 28, 2018 -

Many people do not understand shock absorbers, and even think that if they have springs, what about shock absorbers? Can springs not absorb shock?

In fact, this view is wrong. You must know that shock absorption not only needs to absorb the force of vibration, but also need to stabilize the body, and the spring can only absorb the vibration force and cannot stabilize the body. Don't believe it? Then go down.

    First look at the role of the spring: When the car is hit by a road surface, the spring absorbs the force of vibration with its own compression deformation, which can buffer the bumps and vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces. Then, when the impact force disappears, the spring will release the absorbed energy while restoring the original state, and the self-stretching will become longer, so that the vehicle will play upward, and this phenomenon will become a rebound. The rebound will make the passengers in the car feel uncomfortable, and it will cause difficulties in the control of the car and it is easy to be dangerous.

    Let's take a look at the effect of the shock absorbers: Since the discovery that the springs could not stabilize the body, the car designers installed shock absorbers in the suspension to prevent springback. If the shock absorber is missing from the suspension, the situation is like a cart used by a hawker, and the body will continue to shake when walking.

    Finally, see the difference: the role of the spring is to buffer the impact of the ground, and the role of the shock absorber is to limit the excessive spring force of the spring, the role of the two completely different.

    For example, hydraulic shock absorbers are the most common shock absorbers. The principle is that in a cylinder with a small hole and a piston filled with pressure oil, the oil will be forced to flow through the hole when the spring vibrates, thus limiting the effect. The size of the hole diameter determines the size of the limit. If the diameter of the hole is small, there is a strong limit, and the stability of the car will be higher; on the contrary, the car is more comfortable to ride. The diameter of the hole in the design must be balanced with stability and comfort.

    Therefore, do not think that there is no need for shock absorbers with springs, and they are all necessities of vehicles. With them, our cars can only run so smoothly and have a comfortable driving experience.


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