What Is An Electrically Adjustable Seats?

- May 31, 2018 -

The electric seat is composed of a seat cushion, a backrest, a pillow, a skeleton, a suspension and an adjustment mechanism. When the electrically adjustable seat is adjusted, the seat is the force-applying side. The passenger can move the seat simply by moving the control key without actively changing the posture of the body. Electric seats can also provide more precise adjustment position. The use of electric seat allows the driver to easily find the most suitable driving posture, provide a good vision, improve driving safety and effectively reduce driving fatigue

Seat center armrest

Long-term driving of the vehicle's arms will result in fatigue and sensation due to emptiness. The central armrests can play a good role in supporting and relaxing. The front center armrests are placed in the middle of the front seats, and most rear center armrests are foldable armrests placed in the center of the rear seatback.

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