What Is The Impact Strength Of A Car Seat?

- Sep 06, 2018 -

The impact strength of the seat has been gradually paid more attention to with the development of safety research. Its main content is to study the strength characteristics of the seat under the impact load through the combination of experiment and simulation analysis. Provides good protection for the occupants in a collision accident.

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Car seat safety research began in the 1950s. The University of Southern California used volunteers to conduct low-speed rear-end collision tests. It was found that the low-back seat at that time could not provide good support in the collision accident, which easily led to the occupants. Neck injury. The researchers also found that the backward yield deformation of the seat back helps keep the head, neck and torso aligned, reducing the degree of injury to the occupant; in moderate or high-intensity rear-end collisions, the flexible back is not sufficient for the occupant Effective protection may result in damage to the backrest and a collision between the driver and the rear passengers, so the strength of the seat back needs to be increased.

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In the past two decades, the safety research of car seats has focused on the occupant protection of the rear collision of the car, and gradually formed the two concepts of flexible design and rigid design in the seat design. According to the above two methods, the various seat structure forms of the training one have obtained affirmative conclusions under the controllable test conditions. However, these two strength design concepts are formed for collision conditions of different strengths. How to achieve various protection under conditions can still be an important issue in the design of seat strength.

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