What Is The Most Suitable Position For The Car Seat?

- Sep 14, 2018 -

What is the best position for the car seat? For those who drive a lot, it's best to adjust the seat to the best comfort angle. The car's driver's seat is the most protective waist when keeping the seat and backrest tilted approximately 100 degrees. Because when people lean on the back of a 100-degree chair, the body is slightly later, just in line with the natural curve of our waist and slightly bent, and at this time, the raised part of the back of the car seat can reduce the waist. pressure. In life, many newcomers like to adjust the back of the chair straight, thinking that sitting more straight and practicing waist. But in fact, according to our waist curve, the lumbar vertebra is straight and straight, and the pressure it bears is also the biggest, but it is not good for the waist. Experts suggest that you should check your seat back before driving today. If you are afraid that 100 degrees is not easy to master, you can straighten the back of the chair first, and then let the headrest of the chair tilt backwards and a fist is about the same. If you want to drive a long-distance car, it is recommended to put a small cushion on the back so that you can better protect your waist.

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The principle of seat adjustment needs to be adjusted according to the driver's height, leg arm length comfort, and the like. From the figure, we can easily see the range of comfortable angles between the body and the torso. Each person's height and weight are different. In the actual adjustment of the seat, only the three angles of the backrest angle, elbow joint and knee joint need to be emphasized. According to the characteristics of the seat design, there is a certain order when adjusting the seat. It is generally recommended to adjust in order of height-back tilt-front-back-headrest.

The first step: adjust the seat height

A suitable height is a prerequisite for obtaining a good driving view. When adjusting the seat, the height adjustment is usually taken as the first step. When adjusting, it is necessary to ensure that the head and the roof have at least one punch left. In order to avoid the head hitting the roof when the vehicle is bumped.

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   Step 2: Adjust the seat back

   Daily driving We recommend a seat back tilt angle of 100-110 degrees. When the backrest tilt angle exceeds 110 degrees, the disc pressure will be significantly reduced. This is an important reference for vehicles without lumbar adjustment. After adjusting the height, many owners are used to adjusting the front and rear of the seat first. In the adjustment of the backrest, in principle, this is not a big problem. It is more convenient to adjust the appropriate distance before and after the seat.

   Adjusting common sense: In the case of a vertical sitting position, the backrest angle is about 110 degrees when the headrest has a distance of 2 to 3 punches from the head.

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   Step 3: Before and after adjusting the seat

   Except for people with special heights, the seats are too front or back. The seat space is too small for the front limbs, the elbow joints and knee joints are extremely bent, and the waist muscles are in a state of tension for a long time. It is easy to cause muscle soreness, and the seat is too late to increase the body forward, increase the pressure of the lumbar disc, easily cause the lumbar disc to protrude and cause muscle fatigue damage.

Adjusted common sense: After ensuring that the right foot is fully pressed on the brakes, the knee joints are still in a natural slightly curved state, and the angle of the knee joint should not exceed the recommended range of the comfortable sitting angle view.

In this process, the steering wheel can be adjusted to the angle that suits you. The principle of adjustment is that the arm can maintain a comfortable bending angle when holding the nine-point position. This angle is generally between 90-120 degrees. With the adjustment of the steering wheel, you can finally determine a comfortable driving position and get a clear inside/outside view.

The seat depth of the mainstream models can basically meet the needs of most people, but everything has a special case. Many owners have reacted to the depth of their own vehicle seats, resulting in insufficient leg support. For this reason, many luxury models have also designed the leg support function in a thoughtful manner, and the driver can adjust the support of the seat to the leg according to his actual situation.

It should be noted here that during the adjustment process, do not think that it is most comfortable to put all the thighs on the seat. There are large aorta and a large number of nervous systems on the lower surface of the thigh, especially for the thigh muscles near the knee joint. Therefore, the leg support is adjusted to 3/4 of the total length of the thigh to the buttocks.

Part IV: Adjusting the position of the headrest

Finally, don't forget our headrests. We have repeatedly mentioned that the vehicle is impacted. The head will reversely impact the headrest due to inertia. If the headrest is too high or too low, it will cause different degrees of damage to the head and neck.

Adjust the common sense: the height of the headrest should be adjusted to be flush with the head, that is, the soft part of the headrest is flush with the eyebrows or the auricles, so that when the vehicle is subjected to severe impact, the headrest protects the head and the cervical vertebrae. The role can be maximized. When the headrest has the function of front and rear adjustment, the distance between the head and the headrest should be as small as possible. The smaller the distance, the greater the cushioning effect of the headrest.

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