What Problems Should I Pay Attention To In The Car Seat Headrest?

- Aug 24, 2018 -

Car seat headrests, which are not very eye-catching in many safety and comfort configurations, are often overlooked. However, it is one of the important configurations that take into account the safety of drivers and passengers, and often affects people's lives at critical moments. So what are the main functions of the car seat headrest? What issues should you pay attention to when using it?

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1. Main function: increase security

 A small car seat headrest can effectively protect the head and neck of the occupants in the car at the moment of a traffic accident, especially when the car is rear-end, so as to minimize damage. In the past few years, many cars sold on the market only equipped with headrests in the rear seats of the relatively high comfort and luxury models, while most of the rear seats in the basic models were not equipped with headrests. Can choose to spend money to install. So many people think that the headrest is just a comfortable configuration. With the introduction of the "Car seat fixing device and headrest strength requirements and experimental methods", after the car seat headrest is listed as a mandatory national standard, the car seat headrest has received the attention of manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, the models that have been on the market in recent years have installed headrests on the front and rear seats, regardless of the basic configuration and luxury configuration. In order to protect the neck of the driver and passenger from the injury at the critical moment, the national mandatory standards have strict regulations on the material, strength, energy absorption, position and size of the car headrest.

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2. Comfort is proportional to the price of the car

  On the basis of ensuring safety, the headrest naturally provides better comfort for the driver and passenger. Especially in long-distance travel, the headrest is always available for the fatigued passengers, and the head can be easily relaxed by simply leaning the head against the headrest. In general, the headrests on mid- to high-end cars are better than low-end cars in terms of design, materials, and comfort and convenience. For some female car owners, in order to solve the comfort of the car headrest when the tweezers are affected, the headrest can be raised, and the small gap of the headrest backrest can be used to place the hair, but it is worth noting that the headrest cannot be adjusted too high. Otherwise, it will affect the safety of the headrest.

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3. Multi-directional adjustment of headrest should be popularized

  The headrest is an auxiliary device designed to improve the ride comfort and safety of the car. The main function of the headrest is to ensure safety. Once the car has a rear-end collision, the cervical vertebra will withstand a large acceleration and is easily injured. With the support of the headrest, the space for free movement of the head can be reduced, the impact on the cervical vertebra can be reduced, and the neck injury of the occupant can be avoided or reduced. According to national standards, the car seat headrest is a mandatory vehicle certification test for automobiles. The front seat of the car should be equipped with a headrest.


4.The headrest should protect the cervical vertebrae, and the correct installation position is very important. The headrest should be installed at least flush with the upper edge of the ear, and the distance between the back of the head and the headrest should not exceed 10 cm. From the current point of view, the adjustment of the car headrest is generally a manual up and down adjustment. Compared with the adjustment of the car seat, the adjustable popularity of the headrest is far behind. At present, the front seats of many economy cars have generally adopted the 4-way and 8-way electric adjustment functions of the car seats, while the electric adjustment directions of some high-end car seats are as many as 16 directions, and the multi-directional adjustment of the headrests is still It is only used as a luxury configuration in premium cars. For example, the Volkswagen Phaeton's front seat headrest has an electric adjustable function, while the Shanghai GM Buick Boulevard is also equipped with a six-way independent adjustable rear seat headrest for the needs of the rear passengers. We believe that with the increasing emphasis on the safety of seat headrests by car manufacturers and consumers, the popularity of multi-directional car seat headrests is not far off.

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5.Even if the speed is only 10km/h, when the collision occurs, the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle are all squeezed into the vulnerable neck. If the headrest of the car is not protected, the neck of the occupant is easily injured. In the 26% rear-end collision, the driver's head or neck will be injured. Under the same conditions, the use of good quality headrests is 24% lower than that of occupants with inferior headrests in rear-end collisions. The closer the distance between the hindbrain and the headrest, the better, preferably no more than 10cm. In a vehicle crash, women are 1.8-2.2 times more likely to have head and neck injuries than men. If your rear seat does not have a headrest, please install it as soon as possible.

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