What Should I Do If The Car Seat Is Totally Abnormal?

- Sep 08, 2018 -

The car is good, uncomfortable, only the person sitting inside knows, so the seat of a car can also affect people's mood, then if the seat is always abnormal, how to check it?


There are at least two seats on the car. When the abnormal sound occurs, it is necessary to determine whether a certain seat is ringing, or all the seats are ringing. According to different faults, different solutions are formulated.

Check if there is any foreign matter around the seat and interfere with it. For example, there are boxes that are easy to move under the seat. When the car starts to rub against the seat, if it is found, there is such a similar item. .

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Check if the seat fixing screws are loose. One seat has at least four screws to fix it. One or several screws are loose. When people sit on it, they will make a sound. It is very simple to solve this problem. Find a wrench. Loosen the loose screws.

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Many car owners like to put a seat cushion on the seat. Some car seats are leather, and they may interfere with the leather when they are covered with a seat cushion. Therefore, when installing the seat cushion, consider whether Matches the material of the original car seat.

Sitting on the seat and making a sound back and forth, people can feel the gap when they rock the seat back and forth. This is a problem with the seat recliner. You can change the seat recliner, but some vehicles The corners cannot be replaced and only the seat assembly can be changed.

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The car's seats can be adjusted back and forth to achieve the proper driving position. If the seat is audible before and after the seat is adjusted, check whether the seat slide track is faulty. If necessary, remove the seat from the car for inspection.


Drive as far as possible into the seat and slow down as much as possible. During the driving process, reduce the acceleration and deceleration as much as possible. This will reduce the wear on the seat, reduce the occurrence of abnormal noise and increase the service life of the seat.

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