5 Large Material Car Seats, Which One Do You Most Like?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

When we talk about the car seat, we will definitely think of it as a leather seat, noble and noble, but there are some other seats that you don't know. When you meet other materials, you will feel The leather seat is really normal and can't be more general. I don’t have much to say, let’s take a look at the five material seats.


1, fabric seat


Fabric seats, as the name suggests, are seat fabrics made of textile material.


Fabric seat features:

(1) Made of textile material, easy to handle, good air permeability, not easy to damage;

(2) Fabric seats can be made of different colors and different kinds of textile materials to achieve different styles of expression, rich in style;

(3) The fabric seat has a strong grip on the surface and a stronger friction. It feels more stable when sitting up, and there is no feeling of slipping;

(4) The price of fabric seats is close to the people, and the replacement cost is low;

(5) Not afraid of heat, not afraid of drying, long life;

(6) The defects of the fabric seat are manifested as easy to appear old after a long time of use, so that the car is not on the grade.


The fabric seat is easy to care for, and the comfort is good. It is very easy to be damaged. The durability is 100%. Whether it is in winter or summer, the breathability of the fabric seat can be said to be first class. It won't make you feel any uncomfortable place. In addition, the maintenance of the fabric seat is relatively simple, but it is not very good for the colored liquid such as tea. In this case, if you spend more than ten dollars, buy a bottle of foam cleaner to take care of yourself.


The representative model of the fabric seat is VW Golf GTI (Scottish cloth seat)

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