Car Modification Is Not Just A Motivation To Teach You How To Modify The Car Interior

- Aug 30, 2018 -

When it comes to modification, the first reaction of friends is how fast the car can run and how to control it. In fact, when we drive everyday, we rarely drive fast, and there is no need to invest too much in power and control. That does not change the power and control, where can the money go? Some people say that changing the appearance, yes, this is one aspect, but I feel that this is the same as decorating the house, the appearance is beautiful, and the house is not suffering. I am a little bit worthwhile, so I will choose to modify the car first. Today, I will introduce you to several interior modifications of the car that are often in contact with the driver, including: steering wheel, seat, seat belt, roll cage and so on.


Seat modification

Today's vehicle seats are very ergonomically researched and can make people less tired when driving long distances. However, there are always some unsatisfactory places in the seats of many cars, such as poor material and poor wrapping. Here are a few modified seats, you can make a reference according to your personal preference.

At present, the leather on the market is generally buffalo and yellow cowhide, with good texture and strong tensile strength. The life span is more than 5 years, and the modification cost is about 3,000 yuan. It should be noted that many black-hearted stores use composite leather as a leather to deceive customers. This leather has poor elasticity and cannot withstand high temperatures and exposure. In a short time, paint and cracks will appear. Therefore, when you choose, you must find a regular store to modify.


It doesn't matter if there is no heating function, just install a heating pad inside the original seat. The price of this device is generally around 3,000 yuan. Of course, there are only three or five hundred yuan cheaper. However, the heating effect and durability of the heating pad are not guaranteed. When you choose, don't be cheap.

Many high-end cars are also equipped with a massage function. The seat back has a plurality of air pressure chambers, which are controlled by an electronic oscillator and vibrate according to a preset degree to achieve massage. It is difficult to install a seat without this function, and it is necessary to replace the entire seat. Moreover, the modified seat that integrates heating, ventilation and massage functions is generally sold on the market. The price is generally above 30,000 yuan.微信图片_20180717215609.jpg

We see bucket seats in many super-running or sporting models, which are better wrapped than ordinary seats and can be wrapped in the driver when the vehicle is driving hard. To change the bucket seat, you must be clear about your use. If the vehicle is used to specialize in the speed of the track, you can change a fixed carbon fiber competitive seat to maximize the weight of the seat while providing package. Achieve lightweight. If the vehicle is only used for commuting, it is recommended not to change the professional bucket seat, which is suitable for the barrel seat with relatively comfortable, adjustable track and adjustable seat back angle. More well-known brands include RECARO, Sparco, and BRIDE. Prices range from 2,000 to 20,000 yuan depending on the design and use.

Today, I introduced you to the in-seat modification project, which is mainly the part that the driver directly touches. Although these modification projects can not improve the performance of the vehicle, they can help the driver to better control the vehicle and ride comfort and safety. Sex and other aspects have been improved, friends can be modified according to their own needs, to create an exclusive driving space for themselves.

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