Bus Seat Spring Force Effective Test

- Jun 21, 2018 -

The car features a very rare 1+1 two-seat design and the seat layout is designed to resemble the front and rear layout of the fighter's cockpit. What is even more unique is that the two seats in the car do not adopt the traditional parallel design, but instead move in a scatter-and-drop layout. In addition, the car dashboard consists of a square LCD display, using a concept similar to the head-up display on an airplane. The figures on the left and the bar chart on the right show information such as speed and exercisable distance. The operator interface is integrated on the steering wheel. On the center console, there are only air conditioning knobs and warning light switches. The interior design is quite concise, which gives a greater sense of space.

The backrest of the car seat is one of the important components of the car seat, and its performance has a significant influence on the quality of the seat. A backrest test system that satisfies the customer's requirements was developed to meet the driving comfort of the driver. The backrest unlocking torque, stroke, and spring force were effectively tested. Practice has proved that the system has achieved stable and reliable operation with satisfactory results. The car seat is an important interior component that connects the occupant to the car body in the car. Its safety, comfort, and ease of operation are increasingly valued.

The system developed today is designed to meet a company's requirements for testing different types of backrests. The control of the device controls the movement of the servo motor precisely, and it needs to overcome the spring force of the backrest when the torque sensor detects different angles. For test data through the display outside the control system, the user can consult historical data, print stored data, etc., as required. In the mechanical design part, the mechanical design part of the system is mainly composed of positioning fixture components, unlocking detection components, force measurement, and power transmission components.


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